DLA Peruvian Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt definitely follows in the footsteps of his sire with an extremely dense fleece that displays a very high frequency crimp with nice character and high luster. His greatest attribute though is the incredible staple length up his neck and throughout his blanket. He has the ability to pass this density and staple length to his progeny. We have found that as you breed for fineness the tendency is to lose density unless you breed the progeny back to a sire that may not be as fine but carries density and staple lenght. This is what Thunderbolt does for our breeding program. As we use self feeders and as Thunderbolt likes to eat, he has become quite heavy as his histograms illistrate.

1998: 20.3, 3.9, 19.2, 1.3%>30  
2000: 27.3, 4.8, 17.7, 21.8%>30  
2001: 28.5, 5.6, 19.6, 33%>30  



ARI#: 800828
DOB: 1997-10-07
Breed: Suri
Sex: Male
Color: White


Sire: Accoyo Peruvian White Lightning
Dam: Peruvian Puka Pollera
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